FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship 2024-2025

FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship

Full description of Scholarship: offered/announced by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and International Students are eligible for this scholarship to study in Hungary. By this scholarship students are allows to study Masters level programm(s) in the field(s) of Food Science and Technology, Food Engineering, Food Quality Assurance, Food Safety and Hygiene, Nutritional Sciences, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Processing and Preservation, Quality Control and Management, Agricultural Engineering taught at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The deadline/last date of applying for scholarship is 29 February 2024 and this scholarship provide Fully Funded to selected students.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) providing a golden chance to International Students to complete their studies in the field(s) of Food Science and Technology, Food Engineering, Food Quality Assurance, Food Safety and Hygiene, Nutritional Sciences, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Processing and Preservation, Quality Control and Management, Agricultural Engineering at Hungary on scholarship.

Short Detail of Scholarship:
school Institute Name: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
map Country to Study in: Hungary.
book Courses Offered:  Food Science and Technology, Food Engineering, Food Quality Assurance, Food Safety and Hygiene, Nutritional Sciences, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Processing and Preservation, Quality Control and Management, Agricultural Engineering.
reading Degree Level: Masters.
student Students Nationality: International Students .
funding Scholarship Award: Fully Funded .
calendar Last Date/Dead Line: 29 February 2024.

Introduction: Paving Your Path to Success

Embarking on higher studies abroad is a dream for many individuals seeking to broaden their horizons and enhance their career prospects. However, financial constraints often stand as a barrier, preventing deserving candidates from pursuing their aspirations. The FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship 2024-2025 emerges as a beacon of hope, offering fully funded opportunities to ambitious individuals eager to excel in their chosen fields.

A Gateway to Opportunity

Fulfilling Dreams Despite Financial Hurdles

Financial limitations should not hinder one’s pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth. The FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship opens doors for talented individuals from eligible countries, regardless of their economic backgrounds. This initiative aims to democratize education and empower deserving candidates to realize their full potential.

Championing Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity enriches educational experiences and fosters innovation. The FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship program welcomes applicants from diverse religious, racial, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds. By embracing inclusivity, FAO ensures that every deserving candidate has an equal opportunity to benefit from this prestigious scholarship.

Empowering Change Through Education

Addressing Global Challenges

The FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship aligns with the mission of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to combat global hunger and promote sustainable development. Through tailored MSc courses, participants delve into the intricacies of balanced nutrition, equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills to tackle malnutrition prevalent in numerous developing nations.

Leveraging Collective Expertise

Administered under the esteemed FAO, the scholarship enjoys global recognition and collaboration with various partners. These partnerships facilitate technical support, research-backed insights, and advocacy efforts, enabling FAO to make significant strides toward achieving food security worldwide.


  1. Food Science and Technology
  2. Food Engineering
  3. Food Quality Assurance
  4. Food Safety and Hygiene
  5. Nutritional Sciences
  6. Food Chemistry
  7. Food Microbiology
  8. Food Processing and Preservation
  9. Quality Control and Management
  10. Agricultural Engineering

Mastering Food and Quality Engineering

Pursuing Excellence in Hungary

The FAO Master’s degree scholarship in Europe offers participants the opportunity to specialize in food and quality engineering. The Institute of Hungary serves as a pivotal platform for aspiring graduates committed to eradicating hunger and ensuring equitable access to nutritious food for all.

Fostering Sustainable Food Systems

Participants are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to lead healthier lives and foster sustainable food systems for generations to come. By nurturing talent and promoting innovation, FAO empowers individuals to become catalysts for positive change in their communities.

FAO Hungarian Government Scholarships Details and Eligibility Criteria

Financial Coverage and Benefits

  1. Tuition Fees: FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship covers all tuition fees associated with the selected master’s degree program. This includes the cost of enrolling in courses, attending lectures, and participating in academic activities throughout the duration of the program.
  2. Application Fees: All application fees required for applying to the scholarship program are covered. Applicants do not need to worry about any expenses related to the application process.
  3. Books and Materials: Essential books, notes, and other study materials required for the academic program are provided to scholarship recipients. This ensures that students have access to the necessary resources for their studies.
  4. Accommodation Allowance: A designated accommodation allowance is provided to scholarship recipients to cover housing expenses during their studies in Hungary. This allowance helps ensure that students have suitable living arrangements while pursuing their education abroad.
  5. Subsistence Costs: FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship recipients receive financial support to cover their daily living expenses, including food, transportation, and other personal necessities. This relieves financial burdens and allows students to focus on their academic pursuits without worrying about basic needs.
  6. Health Insurance: Health insurance coverage is provided to ensure the well-being of scholarship recipients throughout their time abroad. This comprehensive health insurance plan offers peace of mind and access to necessary medical care in case of illness or injury.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Nationality: Applicants must be citizens of countries listed as eligible by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). These countries include Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Chad, Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Namibia, Georgia, Ghana, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo1, Kyrgyzstan, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Madagascar, Mali, Myanmar, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, State of Palestine, the Philippines, Cabo Verde, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam, and Yemen.
  2. Age Limit: Applicants should be under 30 years of age at the time of application.
  3. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the English language is mandatory as the courses are conducted in English. Applicants must provide proof of English proficiency, such as TOEFL or IELTS scores.
  4. Health: Candidates should be in good health condition to undertake the academic program. Some scholarships may require a medical examination or health certification.
  5. Motivation: Applicants should demonstrate a strong motivation to pursue the program under the scholarship. This can be conveyed through a statement of purpose or motivation letter included in the application.
  6. Academic Achievement: Excellent academic performance is required to meet the rigorous academic standards of the scholarship program. Applicants should provide academic transcripts from previous studies to demonstrate their academic excellence.
  7. Relevant Experience: Depending on the specific requirements of the scholarship, applicants may need to demonstrate relevant experience related to their field of study or future career goals. This can include internships, research projects, or professional experience.
  8. Leadership Potential: FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship providers may also look for evidence of leadership potential or extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership qualities.

Application Process

  1. Obtain Application Form: Applicants must obtain the official application form for the FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship. This form is typically available on the scholarship program’s website or through relevant authorities.
  2. Review Requirements: Before filling out the application form, carefully review all the requirements and instructions provided by the scholarship provider. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents and information ready for submission.
  3. Complete Application Form: Fill out the application form accurately and completely. Provide all the requested personal information, academic details, and other required information. Be sure to double-check the form for any errors or omissions before submission.
  4. Gather Supporting Documents: Collect all the supporting documents required for the application. These may include academic transcripts from previous studies, proof of English language proficiency (such as TOEFL or IELTS scores), a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, a statement of purpose or motivation letter, letters of recommendation, and a copy of your passport or identification.
  5. Submit Application: Once the application form is completed and all supporting documents are gathered, applicants should submit their application package according to the instructions provided by the scholarship program. This may involve emailing the application form and supporting documents to a specified email address.
  6. Pre-Screening by FAO: The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will pre-screen the applications to ensure that they meet the basic eligibility criteria. Applications that pass the pre-screening stage will proceed to the next phase of the selection process.
  7. Processing by Ministry of Agriculture: Approved applications will be forwarded to the Ministry of Agriculture Hungary for further processing. The ministry will review the applications and coordinate with the respective universities for the selection process.
  8. Examination by University: Selected applicants may be required to undergo an oral or written examination conducted by the university as part of the selection process. This examination may assess the applicant’s academic knowledge, language proficiency, and suitability for the FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship.
  9. Notification of Results: Once the selection process is completed, successful applicants will be notified of their scholarship award. They will receive further instructions regarding enrollment, visa application (if applicable), and other relevant details.
  10. Acceptance and Enrollment: Scholarship recipients must accept the scholarship offer and complete any additional requirements for enrollment at the host institution. This may include submitting additional documents or attending orientation sessions.


The FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship 2024-2025 offers a pathway for talented individuals to transform their aspirations into reality. By embracing diversity, fostering innovation, and empowering change-makers, FAO paves the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q: Who is eligible to apply for the FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship?

A: Individuals from eligible countries listed by FAO, under 30 years of age, proficient in English, and demonstrating academic excellence are eligible to apply.

  • Q: What expenses does the scholarship cover?

A: FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship covers tuition fees, application fees, essential books, accommodation allowance, subsistence costs, and health insurance.

  • Q: What is the deadline for application submission?

A: The application deadline for the FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship 2024-2025 is 29 February 2024.

  • Q: How can I apply for the FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship?

A: Applicants can apply by completing the application form, submitting supporting documents, and following the specified submission instructions provided by FAO.

  • Q: What is the focus of the MSc courses offered under the FAO Hungarian Government Scholarship?

A: The MSc courses focus on food and quality engineering, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to address global challenges related to nutrition and food security.

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