The UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship 2024

UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship

Full description of Scholarship: offered/announced by AGH University of Science and Technology offered by UNESCO and International Students are eligible for this scholarship to study in Poland. By this scholarship students are allows to study Fellowship level programm(s) in the field(s) of Engineering taught at AGH University of Science and Technology offered by UNESCO . The deadline/last date of applying for scholarship is 05/10/2024 and this scholarship provide Fully Funded to selected students.

The AGH University of Science and Technology offered by UNESCO providing a golden chance to International Students to complete their studies in the field(s) of Engineering at Poland on scholarship.

Short Detail of Scholarship:
school Institute Name: AGH University of Science and Technology offered by UNESCO .
map Country to Study in: Poland.
book Courses Offered:  Engineering.
reading Degree Level: Fellowship.
student Students Nationality: International Students .
funding Scholarship Award: Fully Funded .
calendar Last Date/Dead Line: 05/10/2024.


Are you an international student looking to further your studies in Engineering? Look no further! The UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship 2024 offers an exceptional opportunity for aspiring engineers to pursue their academic goals at the prestigious AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. This fully-funded fellowship provides not only academic enrichment but also valuable financial support to ensure a smooth transition into university life. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable opportunity.

Scholarship Description

The UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship 2024 is a fully-funded program designed to support international students in undertaking Fellowship level programs in Engineering at AGH University of Science and Technology. With the deadline set for May 10, 2024, applicants have the chance to embark on a transformative academic journey in one of Europe’s most renowned engineering institutions.

Degree Level and Duration

This fellowship is available for individuals seeking to pursue Fellowship level programs at AGH University of Science and Technology. The duration of the fellowship spans six months, offering ample time for participants to immerse themselves in their chosen field of study and engage with the vibrant academic community at the university.

UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship Study Location

Krakow, Poland, serves as the backdrop for this enriching academic experience. Participants will have the privilege of studying at the UNESCO AGH Chair, located at A. Mickiewicza Ave 30, PL 30-059 Krakow. Nestled in the heart of Europe, Krakow boasts a rich cultural heritage and provides the perfect setting for academic and personal growth.

Available Subjects

Under the UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship 2024, students have the opportunity to delve into various disciplines within the field of Engineering. From mechanical engineering to electrical engineering, participants can tailor their studies to align with their academic interests and career aspirations.

Scholarship Benefits

Free Tuition

One of the most significant advantages of this fellowship is the exemption from tuition fees. Participants can pursue their studies at AGH University of Science and Technology without the financial burden of paying tuition, in accordance with local regulations.

Monthly Stipend

To support living expenses during the duration of the fellowship, participants will receive a monthly stipend. The amount varies based on the degree level:

  • Bachelor’s students: 1800 PLN (approx. $450 USD)
  • Master’s students: 2200 PLN (approx. $550 USD)

Welcome Allowance

Upon arrival in Poland, participants will receive a one-time welcome allowance to assist with initial expenses. This allowance can be used for essential activities such as medical check-ups, cultural visits, or conferences related to the participant’s studies.

Additional Benefits

  • Travel: UNESCO covers the cost of round-trip international travel to and from Poland via the most economical route.
  • Health Insurance: Participants receive comprehensive health insurance coverage for the duration of the UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship.
  • Pocket Allowance: A one-time pocket allowance of US$120 is provided to participants to cover miscellaneous expenses.

Visa Information

While participants are responsible for obtaining their own visa to enter Poland, the process is facilitated by clear guidelines provided by UNESCO and the Polish government. Applicants can apply for their visa at the Polish Embassy or Consulate in their home country or the nearest representative if their country lacks a Polish diplomatic mission.

Eligible Nationalities

The UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship 2024 welcomes applications from international students hailing from a diverse range of countries. Eligible regions include Africa, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Applicants must ensure their citizenship aligns with the program’s eligibility criteria before applying.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the fellowship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Citizenship of a country included in the program’s list of eligible nations.
  • Possession of a completed degree that meets European Union requirements.
  • Fulfillment of all program requirements before submitting the application.

Application Procedure

Applying for the UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship in Engineering (2024) involves a systematic process aimed at ensuring a smooth and efficient application experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Understand the Requirements

Before initiating the application process, it is crucial to familiarize oneself with the program’s requirements. Carefully review the Terms and Conditions, as well as the list of fields of research and their respective criteria for the 2024 program edition.

Step 2: Contact Your National Commission

Reach out to your country’s National Commission for UNESCO to inquire about any national-level application procedures and seek guidance on the application process.

Step 3: Prepare Your Application

Gather all required supporting documents, including the completed UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship application form, a recent passport-sized photo, certified copies of academic transcripts, language proficiency certificates, and recommendation letters.

Step 4: Submit to the National Commission

Submit your complete application package to your National Commission before the deadline of May 10, 2024. National Commissions will select and endorse applications of nominated candidates to UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Step 5 (Conditional): Online Information Sheet

If nominated by your National Commission, submit your application electronically along with a completed online information sheet to the designated email addresses provided by UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship.


The UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship 2024 presents a unique opportunity for international students to pursue their academic aspirations in the field of Engineering at AGH University of Science and Technology. With its comprehensive benefits package and streamlined application process, this UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowship is an invaluable resource for those seeking to further their education and broaden their horizons. Don’t miss out on this chance to embark on a transformative academic journey in the heart of Europe!

Requirements Criteria for Scholarship: Apply Accordingly for Scholarship:


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