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In the heart of Indonesia lies an educational gem that opens doors to a world of opportunities – Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS). If you’re an aspiring student with dreams reaching beyond borders, the UMS International Priority Scholarship (IPS) awaits, providing a fully funded expedition into academic excellence. Let’s embark on a journey through this remarkable scholarship, where potential meets privilege.

About UMS

Nestled in Surakarta, Indonesia, UMS stands tall as a prestigious private university with roots tracing back to its establishment in 1981. Aligned with the Muhammadiyah educational network, UMS exemplifies a commitment to Islamic values and academic brilliance. Offering a spectrum of programs in health sciences, economics, law, engineering, pharmacy, geography, psychology, and communication informatics, UMS shapes well-rounded individuals.

With an ethos of holistic development, UMS goes beyond academics, encouraging students to delve into extracurricular activities and community service. The International Priority Scholarship (IPS) stands as a testament to UMS’s global outlook, inviting students from developing Muslim countries to partake in a transformative educational journey, fully supported by this prestigious scholarship.

Available Subjects

Are you considering the UMS International Priority Scholarship and curious about the diverse subjects offered at Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS)? Delve into the vibrant academic tapestry that awaits you:

1. Health Sciences

  • Discover programs that delve into the intricacies of health and well-being, providing a foundation for future healthcare professionals.

2. Economics

  • Uncover the principles of economic theories and practices, preparing students for dynamic roles in the global economic landscape.

3. Law

  • Engage in the study of law, understanding legal systems and principles that shape societies and uphold justice.

4. Engineering

  • Embark on a journey of innovation and problem-solving in various engineering disciplines, contributing to technological advancements.

5. Pharmacy

  • Explore the pharmaceutical realm, where students are equipped with the knowledge to make impactful contributions to healthcare.

6. Geography

  • Understand the world from a spatial perspective, delving into geographical phenomena and human-environment interactions.

7. Psychology

  • Dive into the complexities of the human mind, studying behavior, cognition, and emotional processes.

8. Communication Informatics

  • Navigate the dynamic field of communication informatics, exploring the intersection of communication and technology.

How to Choose

Consider your passions, career aspirations, and the impact you want to make. Whether you’re drawn to the intricacies of law, the innovation in engineering, or the human mind in psychology, UMS provides a diverse range of subjects to align with your goals.

Degree Level

Embark on your educational voyage with the UMS International Priority Scholarship 2024-25, available for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

Scholarship Benefits

Unveil the extensive benefits tailored for your academic journey:


  • Tuition fees for 8 Semesters
  • Living allowance of IDR 1.750.000/Month
  • Books allowance of IDR 50.000/Month
  • Health Insurance
  • VISA fees
  • Limited Stay Permit
  • Return air flight ticket
  • Free 1-year Bahasa Class for students in Regular Class


  • Tuition fees for 4 Semesters (Master Program) & 6 Semesters (Doctoral Program)
  • Living allowance of IDR 1.750.000/Month
  • Books allowance of IDR 50.000/Month
  • Health Insurance
  • VISA fees
  • Limited Stay Permit
  • Return air flight ticket
  • Free 1-year Bahasa Class for students in Regular Class

Eligibility Criteria

Are you eager to seize the opportunity presented by the UMS International Priority Scholarship (IPS)? Dive into the comprehensive eligibility criteria to ensure you meet the requirements for this transformative scholarship.

1. Nationality

The UMS IPS Scholarship is open to students from developing Muslim countries. Applicants must provide evidence of their nationality through official documentation.

2. International Student Status

To be eligible, applicants must be international students seeking to pursue undergraduate, Master’s, or doctoral programs at Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS).

3. Educational Background

Undergraduate Programs:

  • For undergraduate programs, applicants should possess a strong academic background and a valid third secondary school certificate.

Postgraduate Programs:

  • For Master’s and doctoral programs, applicants must have completed relevant undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, respectively.

4. Language Proficiency

Applicants are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. This can be validated through a recognized English language certificate.

5. Application Process

Prospective candidates must adhere to the official UMS IPS Scholarship application process. This involves:

  • Submission of a personal photo.
  • Providing a copy of the passport.
  • Crafting a compelling letter of motivation (letter of intent).
  • Submitting a scanned passport cover.
  • Obtaining a letter of recommendation.
  • Providing a comprehensive medical report.
  • Including a valid English language certificate.

6. Adherence to Deadline

Applicants must submit their complete applications, including all required documents, before the specified deadline. Late submissions may not be considered.

7. Intent to Pursue UMS Programs

Eligible candidates should express a genuine interest in enrolling in the diverse range of programs offered by Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

8. Commitment to Islamic Values

UMS places a strong emphasis on Islamic values. Applicants should align with and showcase a commitment to these values throughout their academic journey.

9. Continued Academic Progress

Recipients of the UMS IPS Scholarship are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout the duration of their studies.

Application Procedure

Are you ready to embark on a transformative academic journey with the UMS International Priority Scholarship? Follow this detailed application procedure to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

1. Prepare Essential Documents

Gather the following documents to support your application:

  • Personal Photo: Provide a recent passport-sized photograph.
  • Copy of Passport: Include a clear copy of your passport.
  • Letter of Motivation (Letter of Intent): Craft a compelling letter explaining your motivation to pursue the UMS IPS Scholarship.
  • Copy of the Third Secondary School Certificate: Submit a certified copy of your third secondary school certificate.
  • Scanned Passport Cover: Include a scanned copy of the cover of your passport.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Obtain a well-written letter of recommendation supporting your application.
  • Medical Report: Provide a comprehensive medical report.
  • English Language Certificate: Include a valid certificate attesting to your proficiency in the English language.

Navigate to the official UMS IPS Scholarship application link provided. This is the gateway to initiate your application process.

3. Complete the Online Application Form

Follow the instructions on the online application form meticulously. Provide accurate and detailed information, ensuring there are no discrepancies.

4. Upload Documents

Attach all the prepared documents in the designated sections of the online application. Ensure each document is clear and legible.

5. Review and Edit

Before final submission, carefully review all entered information and uploaded documents. Make any necessary edits or corrections.

6. Submit Your Application

Once satisfied with the accuracy of your application, submit it through the online portal. Take note of any confirmation or reference numbers provided.

7. Application Deadline

Be mindful of the specified deadline for UMS IPS Scholarship applications. Submissions after the deadline may not be considered.

8. Monitor Application Status

Keep track of your application status through the provided application tracking system. This ensures you stay informed about the progress of your application.

9. Prepare for Potential Interviews

In some cases, applicants may be called for interviews. Prepare adequately by revisiting your motivation letter and understanding key aspects of the scholarship.

10. Stay Informed

Regularly check your email and the official scholarship portal for any updates, announcements, or requests for additional information.



As you set sail towards academic excellence, let the UMS International Priority Scholarship be the wind in your sails. Embrace a world of knowledge, cultural diversity, and personal growth at Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.


1. Is the UMS IPS Scholarship open to international students only?

Yes, the scholarship is designed for students from developing Muslim countries.

2. Can I apply for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs?

Absolutely! The UMS IPS Scholarship caters to both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

3. What sets UMS apart from other universities in Indonesia?

UMS stands out for its commitment to Islamic values, academic excellence, and a global perspective through initiatives like the IPS Scholarship.

4. How do I ensure a successful application?

Follow the detailed application procedure provided on the official link to submit a comprehensive application.

5. Is there a deadline for UMS IPS Scholarship applications?

Yes, make sure to submit your application before the specified deadline for consideration.

Requirements Criteria for Scholarship: Apply Accordingly for Scholarship:


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