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Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships

Full description of Scholarship: offered/announced by SOAS University of London and UK/EU and overseas students are eligible for this scholarship to study in UK. By this scholarship students are allows to study PhD level programm(s) in the field(s) of All Subjects taught at SOAS University of London. The deadline/last date of applying for scholarship is 29th March 2024 and this scholarship provide £41,652 to selected students.

The SOAS University of London providing a golden chance to UK/EU and overseas students to complete their studies in the field(s) of All Subjects at UK on scholarship.

Short Detail of Scholarship:
school Institute Name: SOAS University of London.
map Country to Study in: UK.
book Courses Offered:  All Subjects .
reading Degree Level: PhD.
student Students Nationality: UK/EU and overseas students.
funding Scholarship Award: £41,652.
calendar Last Date/Dead Line: 29th March 2024.

In the heart of academic excellence, SOAS University of London presents an invaluable opportunity for passionate scholars through its prestigious Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships program. This initiative aims to support aspiring individuals pursuing a PhD in Jaina Studies with Bhagavan Mahavir, nurturing their academic journey and research endeavors.

Introduction to SOAS University and the Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships

SOAS University of London, renowned for its academic eminence, invites ambitious scholars to partake in the Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships. These scholarships are tailored for individuals dedicated to advancing their knowledge in Jaina Studies. The program offers a distinctive chance to delve into this fascinating field and contribute significantly to academia.

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Degree Level

The degree level offered for the Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships at SOAS University of London is at the doctoral level, specifically a Ph.D.

Available Subjects

The available subject for the Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships at SOAS University of London is Jaina Studies with Bhagavan Mahavir.

Scholarship Benefits

The Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships at SOAS University of London offer a scholarship award of £41,652 for the inaugural year (2024-25). This sum covers tuition fees, with any surplus provided directly to the scholar as a stipend. In subsequent years, there will be adjustments to accommodate increased tuition fees.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Eligible Countries: Open to UK/EU and overseas applicants.
  2. Course or Subjects: Full-time PhD program in Jaina Studies (new admissions only, starting in September 2024). Part-time programs are not eligible.
  3. Criteria for Admission: Applicants should hold or expect to be awarded a master’s degree with a distinction mark or equivalent. A research proposal focusing on Jaina studies is required. Proficiency in English is crucial, and completing the admission application by the scholarship deadline of 29th March 2024 is necessary.

Application Process

    1. Initiating Program Application: Begin the application process for the PhD program in Jaina Studies.
    2. Completing Admission Application: Ensure your admission application is comprehensive and meets all requirements by the scholarship deadline. The department might take up to 4 weeks for consideration.
    3. Scholarship Application: Submit your scholarship application by March 29th, 2024.
    4. Supporting Documents: For additional information about SOAS University of London’s PhD programs, you can contact [email protected].

Additional Tips

  1. Thorough Preparation: Ensure your application materials, including the research proposal, transcripts, and references, are meticulously prepared and showcase your academic excellence.
  2. Focus on Jaina Studies: Highlight your passion and focus on Jaina Studies in your research proposal to demonstrate your dedication to this field.
  3. English Proficiency: If English proficiency is required and conditional for admission, promptly arrange the necessary language tests to meet the criteria.
  4. Timely Submission: Submit all required documents and applications well before the deadline to avoid any last-minute complications.
  5. Clarify Doubts: Reach out to [email protected] for any additional information or clarifications about the scholarship program.


The scholarships not only offer substantial financial support but also provide access to world-leading experts, extensive resources, and a nurturing platform for advanced research. By embracing this opportunity, scholars can contribute significantly to the realm of Jaina Studies while fostering their own academic journey.

For those aspiring to make a mark in academia and contribute meaningfully to Jaina Studies, the Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships at SOAS University of London serve as a gateway to realizing these aspirations.


  1. Q: Who is eligible for the Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships? A: The scholarships are open to UK/EU and overseas applicants intending to pursue a full-time PhD in Jaina Studies at SOAS University of London.
  2. Q: What criteria are essential for admission to the program? A: Applicants must hold or expect to be awarded a master’s degree with a distinction mark or equivalent, demonstrate a focus on Jaina studies in their research proposal, and meet the English language requirements.
  3. Q: When is the deadline for scholarship applications? A: The deadline for scholarship applications is 29th March 2024.
  4. Q: What does the Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships cover? A: The scholarship covers £41,652 for the first year, including tuition fees and a stipend for the scholar.
  5. Q: How can I get more information about Bhagavan Mahavir PhD Scholarships programs at SOAS University of London? A: For further details, contact [email protected].

Requirements Criteria for Scholarship: Apply Accordingly for Scholarship:


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