Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship 2024: Empowering Global Youth Development

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

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Exploring the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program, offered by Switzerland universities, stands as a prestigious opportunity for both early and mid-career researchers on a global scale. This endeavor is designed to augment child and youth development worldwide, fostering innovative and interdisciplinary approaches.

Insights into the Fellowship Program

Addressing Varied Learning Dynamics

One primary focus lies in comprehending the influence of individual and contextual variations on learning outcomes. Researchers delve into designing scalable methodologies to accommodate diverse learners, aiming for optimal learning experiences for every child.

Tackling Educational Disparities

Another critical aspect involves developing interventions to counter educational disparities arising from digital technology and inequality. The program emphasizes leveraging data for informed decision-making among educators, striving to bridge these gaps effectively.

Supporting Innovative Researchers

The fellowship extends its support to innovative researchers who have attained their PhD within the past decade. The program offers funding of up to CHF 150,000 spread over three years, assisting not only the researchers but also their respective institutions. This financial aid covers various research-related expenses, including salaries, equipment, travel, and support staff.

Beyond Financial Support

Non-Financial Advantages

Besides financial aid, the fellowship presents abundant non-financial benefits. This includes networking opportunities, participation in Foundation events, and acknowledgment within the esteemed research network of the Jacobs Foundation. Additionally, fellows can seek further funding for projects focused on evidence-to-action and scientific capacity building.


The Jacobs Foundation provides an array of benefits and expects specific contributions from their Research Fellows:

What the Jacobs Foundation Offers:

  • Independent and Competitive Funding: Extensive financial support.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engaging with other Fellows and alumni.
  • Media Channels: For wider research dissemination.
  • Personal and Scientific Development: Access to conferences and online platforms.
  • Partnership Emphasis: Encouragement for innovative ideas beyond research.
  • Recognition: Being acknowledged within the Jacobs Foundation’s network.

What the Jacobs Foundation Expects:

  • Active Participation: In Foundation events and meetings.
  • Contribution to Communication: Sharing research via articles and social media.
  • Annual Updates: Providing progress reports.
  • Proactive Partnership: Organizing symposia, workshops, etc.
  • Interest and Involvement: In the Foundation’s programs.
  • Acknowledgment: Recognizing support in publications and presentations.

Shaping Future Development

Nurturing Research Potential

This program extends beyond funding groundbreaking research endeavors. It’s designed to nurture the potential of researchers, encouraging their substantial contributions to interdisciplinary teams. By aligning with the Foundation’s vision for global child and youth development, it fosters an environment where researchers can play a pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of research and innovation.

Scholarship Details

The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program 2024 is open for Fellowship level programs at various Switzerland Universities. This program encompasses a wide array of disciplines, including education sciences, psychology, economics, sociology, behavioral science, computer science, and more. The fellowship offers financial support of up to CHF 150,000 spread over three years, aiding both researchers and their respective institutions. This funding covers diverse research-related expenses such as salaries, equipment, travel, and support staff.

The Foundation’s Expectations and Offerings

What’s Offered

The Jacobs Foundation provides independent and competitive funding, networking avenues, wider research dissemination through media channels, personal and scientific development opportunities, and recognition within their network.

Expectations from Fellows

In return, the Foundation expects active participation in events and meetings, contribution to communication activities, annual updates on personal and scientific progress, and a proactive partnership emphasizing innovative ideas and activities.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

  • PhD or Equivalent: Obtainment of a PhD or its equivalent within the past decade.
  • Employment: Affiliation with a higher education or research institute.
  • Research Quality: Conducting high-quality research aligned with Jacobs Foundation’s interests.
  • Commitment: Demonstrated commitment to engaging with the Foundation and its activities.

Selection Criteria

  • Past Research Accomplishments: Track record of previous research and publications.
  • Creativity and Leadership Potential: Assessment of creativity and potential for scientific leadership.
  • Scientific Rigor: Methodological rigor and accuracy in handling data.
  • International Relevance: Evaluation of planned work’s global impact.
  • Contribution to Human Development: Potential contribution towards human development and learning.
  • Alignment with Foundation Goals: Consistency with Jacobs Foundation’s objectives.
  • Willingness to Engage: Eagerness to support and engage with the Foundation’s initiatives.

Application Process

The application process for the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship involves several steps:

    1. Eligibility Check: Ensure meeting the criteria outlined by the Foundation, including having a PhD obtained within the last decade, affiliation with a higher education or research institute, conducting research aligned with Foundation interests, and commitment to engaging with Foundation activities.
    2. Application Submission: Submit required documents, which typically include a research proposal, CV, publications, and references, as per the Foundation’s guidelines and deadlines.
    3. Evaluation: Applications undergo rigorous evaluation, considering past research achievements, creativity, scientific rigor, relevance, and alignment with Foundation goals.
    4. Selection: Shortlisted candidates proceed to the selection phase, where their applications are further reviewed, and final decisions are made based on merit, potential contributions, and alignment with the Foundation’s vision.
    5. Engagement: Successful candidates are expected to actively participate in Foundation events, contribute to communication activities, provide annual updates, and collaborate proactively to support the Foundation’s initiatives.


The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship isn’t merely a financial support system; it stands as a gateway to holistic development and recognition within a global research network. Beyond funding, it empowers researchers to conduct pioneering studies and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of child and youth development on a global scale. It’s a platform that not only fosters innovation but also encourages collaboration and meaningful contributions towards enhancing learning and human development worldwide.


1. How long is the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship valid?

The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship spans three years from the date of approval.

2. Can international researchers apply for this fellowship?

Yes, the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship is open to early and mid-career researchers globally.

3. Are there specific disciplines targeted by this Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship?

The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship caters to various fields including education sciences, psychology, economics, sociology, behavioral science, and more.

4. What non-financial advantages does the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship offer?

Apart from funding, fellows get networking opportunities, participate in Foundation events, and gain recognition within their esteemed research network.

5. How crucial is alignment with the Foundation’s goals for selection?

Alignment with the Foundation’s goals is a significant criterion for selection, emphasizing the focus on contributing to human development and learning.

Requirements Criteria for Scholarship: Apply Accordingly for Scholarship:


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