Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships 2025-26

Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships

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Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships 2025/2026: A Pathway to Advanced Research in Japan

Are you a passionate researcher with a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence? Hokkaido University has announced its prestigious EXEX and Next Gen AI Doctoral Fellowships for 2025/2026, providing substantial financial support and research opportunities for exceptional doctoral students. Let’s dive into the details of these fellowships and how you can benefit from them.

About Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University, located in the vibrant city of Sapporo, Japan, is one of the country’s leading research institutions. Established in 1876 as Sapporo Agricultural College, it has evolved into a comprehensive university offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Renowned for its emphasis on research, particularly in environmental science, agriculture, and engineering, Hokkaido University also boasts a beautiful campus with historical buildings and lush green spaces. The university is committed to international collaboration, providing numerous programs and scholarships for international students.

Degree Level

The Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships are available for students pursuing PhD programs at Hokkaido University.

Available Subjects

The primary focus of these fellowships is on Artificial Intelligence, supporting groundbreaking research in this dynamic field.

Benefits of the Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships

Financial support is a crucial aspect of Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships, designed to alleviate the financial burden on doctoral students and allow them to focus on their research. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Monthly Stipend: Receive a monthly stipend of 180,000 yen to assist with living expenses.
  • Research Grant: Access an annual research expense allowance of up to 400,000 yen (200,000 yen for six-month programs) to cover research-related costs.
  • Additional Funding: Submit competitive proposals for innovative and interdisciplinary research to be eligible for extra financial support.

Eligible Nationalities

Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships are open to international students from all nationalities, promoting a diverse and inclusive research environment.

Eligibility Criteria

Whether you’re a new or current doctoral student at Hokkaido University, there are opportunities available for you:

  1. For New Doctoral Students:
    • Start Date: Begin your doctoral program in either October 2024 or April 2025.
    • Research Potential: Submit a robust research proposal demonstrating your research skills and ability to collaborate across disciplines.
    • Quota Information:
      • October 2024 Intake: 38 openings for the 3-year program, 4 for the 4-year program.
      • April 2025 Intake: 122 openings for the 3-year program, 24 for the 4-year program.
  2. For Current Doctoral Students:
    • Eligibility: Open to all current Hokkaido University doctoral students for any of the three intake periods (October 2024, April 2025).
    • Filling Vacancies: Positions may also be available if previously offered students decline due to reasons like receiving the JSPS Research Fellowship.

Application Procedure

Ready to apply? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Prepare Your Application (Deadline: June 17-28, 2025, 5 PM):
    • Required Documents:
      • Research Proposal: A detailed proposal outlining your research project in the provided format.
      • Recommendation Letter: A letter of support from your supervisor at Hokkaido University.
    • Optional, But Encouraged:
      • Proof of Educational Background: Documents verifying your academic qualifications (e.g., transcripts, diplomas).
      • English Proficiency Scores: Submit your scores on an external English language exam, if available.
      • Research Publications: Include any published research articles with Impact Factors.
  2. Possible Second Stage:
    • Interviews: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview with the selection committee.
    • Research Explanatory Video: You may be asked to submit a short video explaining your research project in a clear and engaging way.


Hokkaido University’s EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships are a fantastic opportunity for aspiring researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Offering significant financial support and resources, Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships aim to nurture innovative research and foster international collaboration. If you’re ready to take your research to the next level, don’t miss out on this opportunity!


  1. What is the monthly stipend for Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships?
    • The monthly stipend is 180,000 yen.
  2. Can current Hokkaido University doctoral students apply for Hokkaido University EXEX and Next Gen AI Fellowships?
    • Yes, current doctoral students are eligible to apply for any of the three intake periods.
  3. What are the key eligibility criteria for new doctoral students?
    • New students must start their program in October 2024 or April 2025 and submit a strong research proposal.
  4. Is the fellowship open to international students?
    • Yes, the fellowship is open to international students of all nationalities.
  5. What documents are required for the application?

    • Required documents include a research proposal, a recommendation letter, and optional documents like educational background proof and English proficiency scores.

Requirements Criteria for Scholarship: Apply Accordingly for Scholarship:


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